Florida for the Holidays

Tomorrow, we are flying out to Fort Walton Beach, FL to visit with Doug’s folks for the holidays. If memory serves me, this is the first time we’ve been to Florida for Christmas since River and Hazel came along. We’ve been out for visits, but we usually time them pre/post holidays or during completely random times of the year. I’m actually pretty excited that Nana and Papaw get to be a part of the fun in their own home. Hopefully, everything and everyone survives the experience.

I think I’m most concerned with the cats. The girls LOVE cats as they have three of their own. They actually do an exceptional job of identifying the quirks of each cat and acting accordingly. With Ariel, they both know how to call her over so she can get pets. With Camille, they know they can do just about anything and she’ll purr like crazy. With Ookla, they actually know when to pick on him (there truly are moments where he can take it) and when to be sweet and gentle with him. The main problem is they are normal kids and sometimes do things to the cats that do not make their daddy happy. Hey, I figure the cats can fend for themselves, but Doug hates when River disrupts Camille’s nap to drag her off to play somewhere else. And he doesn’t like when Hazel pokes Ookla in the nose a few too many times even if a resulting swat of the paw is the natural consequence. I’m just hoping they don’t terrorize Nana’s cats in a way that causes problems. I *think* they will be fine, and we’re pretty good at keeping them in line. Still, poor cats don’t know what’s coming.

So we leave tomorrow and only two suitcases are packed – the ones belonging to the girls. I think the best part of that, though, is they packed them. I made a list of things and River read through each one and put together the things she would need. She made complete outfits, adjusted a few things, found shoes she liked, selected her coat and everything. Tonight, we will be putting together our carry-ons. I figured they did so well with the clothes, they can be a part of the planning for what to carry with them including snacks and such.

It’s so fun how traveling changes as the kids get older. I have a feeling this will be our best trip yet!

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#1 Carla on 12.23.12 at 9:01 pm

I am a HUGE animal fan but even I had to realize that if animals don’t like something, they will let you know. They also understand that kids are still learning and are very patient.

Unless the cats are slow, they will be fine.

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